Antananarivo rova capitale de MadagascarMiles City tour: visit the Palace of Queen, which is located at the top of the Hill of Analamanga where once Kings resided and Queens. The Palace was ravaged by the fire 06 November 1995 and is now being rehabilitated. The road that runs along the Palace is limited by lookouts which sight dominates the city of Antananarivo at the same time contemplating the rice paddies. Then, going down the city through Andohalo district to visit the Cathedral Catholic of Andohalo was built in 1875. It has a Gothic and Roman architecture and was classified as a historical monument in January 1964. Continuing a little lower down the remnant of marshes of the Lake Anosy where the stele of the black angel who is the most famous monument built in memory of the malagasy soldiers who died during the first world war. Continue the tour through the Palace of Ambohitsirohitra at Antaninarenina which is a colonial style architecture from the time of the French. After that, there's the Independence Avenue which consists of elegant arcade of a magnificent architecture of the 1930s building. The newly built city hotel and its garden charm Avenue on June 26, 1960. An inescapable esplanade offers a superb panoramic view of the lower town and the streets which, in straight lines, across several areas of the city. At the bottom is the railway station of Soarano which is a site of the city of Antananarivo built in 1908.

Madagascar AmbohimangaDeparture for the visit of the Palace of Ambohimanga (21 Km North of the city of Antananarivo), land of the ancestors, Earth malagasy origins and is among the treasures of the cultural world heritage of the UNESCO. Ambohimanga is the name of one of the twelve sacred hills surrounding Antananarivo. The entrance to the villagecarried out currently by the door of Ambatomitsangana which is the best preserved and most picturesque of the 7 doors which can do the trick by a path difficult.Ambohimanga means the Blue Hill where the ancient city, cradle of the merina Kingdom is built. At the top of the Hill lies the Rova, pregnant fortified which containsthe box where lived the King Andrianampoinimerina from 1788 to 1810. two pavilions with floor wooden or came like Queens Ranavalona I and Ranavalona II; oxen Park and sacred where pools bathed the Queens, as well as a guns manufactured by the french Jean Laborde. The wall of the enclosure is covered with a coating made from egg. Behind the Rova, the Ambatomiantendro rock where Andrianampoinimerina played the fanorona enjoying the exceptional view on the plain below and away on the Hill of Antananarivo.

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